TillyBob Angel Decoration


Custom orders placed now will be delivered within 4 weeks of order - I will be adding small quantities through early November.

Please let me know in the comments, when you order, which fabric you would like from the 6 shown. This will be used for the ears and skirt - thank you! Holly x

The TillyBob Angel decoration is a perfect festive addition and was hugely popular last year, so I’m thrilled to be able to bring it back with a selection of new fabrics this year! Each Angel measures approx 18cm tall (excluding the ears!), is complete with a set of sparkly angel wings and holds a magic star, perfect for those Christmas wishes! Each one is unique, completely handmade by myself, and wears a Liberty Print skirt. The choice of Liberty Fabric is yours! 

It is important to note that the TillyBob Angels are hanging decorations and not intended as toys to be used in play by children. 

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